Saturday, June 27, 2009

In about 9 and a half hours, I'll be on a plane that's pulling out of Raleigh/Durham International Airport, with a stopover in Boston (and an hour with Matt!), another stopover in Paris, and then finally arriving in Casablanca, Morocco!

I'm finally all packed, with a suitcase weighing only 40 lbs to meet Air France restrictions, a backpack full of necessities in case my luggage is lost, and a shoulder bag with some reading material and Dug, my stuffed coyote, to keep me company. I'm pretty excited...

Look out for another post on Sunday sometime as I get settled into my apartment, and maybe some pictures, too. If you'd like a postcard, please send me your address and I'll do my best. Assuming the internet connection is decent, I'd love to Skype with anyone interested! Remember, I'm 4 hours ahead of eastern time and 7 hours ahead of pacific, so we'll need to plan Skype dates accordingly.

I'm off for a little bit of sleep before I have to wake up in the morning and run last minute errands.

!مع سلام